Warranty conditions

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Seller’s responsibility and warranty conditions for professional equipment, hereinafter referred to as the Warranty

The equipment, which is distributed by Prolux Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) in Latvia, meets the requirements of regulatory enactments of the EU and the Republic of Latvia. 

The customer has the right to submit a claim to the Seller, if the goods purchased from the Seller have defects in workmanship, and the Seller is responsible in accordance with the procedures specified in the Law for the rectification of the defects (hereinafter referred to as the Warranty Repair). The warranty period for the professional equipment sold by the Seller (or its authorised representative) shall be 12 (twelve) months or an extended warranty period if a separate agreement has been entered into. Parts or spare parts have a warranty period of 3 (three) months unless another warranty period is specified. 

The Warranty Repair includes identification and rectification of defects in the design, workmanship, and spare parts of the product. The warranty applies to goods used in accordance with their instructions for use. The Warranty Repair should only be performed by an authorised service specialist authorised by the manufacturer. The warranty repair is free. During warranty repair, the damaged parts, and assemblies, which have been replaced with new ones, become the Seller’s property automatically. 

The Seller is not obliged to carry out a Warranty Repair (i.e. if one or more of the following conditions has been found or occurred, the Warranty Repair conditions do not apply or the Warranty period irreversibly expires): 

  • when damage has been caused during transport if it has not been performed by the Seller;
  • if the goods have been removed, damaged or the identification mark with serial and product
  • number is not clearly readable;
  • if the safety label of the product has been removed or damaged;
  • if the damage resulted from incorrect installation by third parties;
  • if the goods have been repaired (or there has been intervention in any way in the design,
    software of the goods, etc.) by a person not authorised by the manufacturer;
  • if the goods have been used with unremoved transport anchorages or elements;
    if the goods have been used with unremoved transport anchorages or elements; when damage has occurred when the goods were used in inappropriate environmental conditions (inadequate
    temperature, humidity);
  • when damage has been caused by the use of inappropriate or poor-quality materials (water, cleaning and washing
  • when damage has occurred for reasons independent of the Seller, including due to short-circuits or damages caused by voltage surges in the electrical
    network, rain showers, fire, rodents, and the like;
  • if the goods have been operated with their safety systems off;
  • if the goods continue to be operated without rectifying the damage;
  • when damage has occurred as a result of the natural wear and tear of the goods;
  • when regular maintenance conditions of the product are not observed;
  • when damage has occurred as a result of incorrect installation or repair work,
    if the original spare parts of the manufacturer of the product have been replaced with spare parts not approved by the manufacturer
    of the product;
  • if damage has occurred as a result of exposure of the product to mechanical, thermal and similar effects
    (excluding those mechanical and thermal effects, which reasonably arise from the use of the product in accordance
    with its instructions for use);
  • when the goods are used not in accordance with its instructions for use;
  • if the goods have been sold for export outside Latvia;
  • when the damage has occurred due to force majeure.

The installation of the product, its regular maintenance and cleaning, the cleaning or replacement of accessories or components such as filters, seals, lamps, fuses, heating elements, batteries, hand-moved plastic parts, belts and other parts, the wear and tear of which is normal, does not form part of warranty repair and is a paid service. 

It is the responsibility of each user to read the instructions for use of the product before the use of the product. The warranty does not include the user training on how to use the product, as well as the repair that needs to be performed when the user has misunderstood the user manual. The repair of the product and the specialist’s visit in such cases shall be a paid service. 

The Seller should informed immediately of any damage detected during the warranty period, tel.: 67701795, 29231776, e-mail: prolux@prolux.lv. When informing about a damage to the product by phone or by e-mail, it is necessary to indicate the manufacturer, model, manufacture number (product number), serial number (from the label). If possible, describe the damage and the conditions in which it occurred. In order to receive a warranty repair, it is necessary to present a document certifying the purchase to the service personnel. 

After reporting the defect, the user of the product has a duty to proceed strictly in accordance with the Seller’s instructions (as well as to ensure compliance with the Seller’s instructions), including, following the announcement of the relevant Seller, to deliver the Seller’s goods to the service centre to Smiltnieku Street 2, Marupe. 

The Seller shall not be responsible for the non-fulfilment of the Warranty Conditions and related damages in cases where access to the necessary premises or facilities was not provided in a timely manner, or the Seller has not been notified of the damage in a timely manner, or the Seller’s instructions following the reporting of the defect have not been fulfilled. 

The Seller is authorised by manufacturers to provide specialised spare parts and services that your product model may need. The manufacturer recommends that you choose the best possible product service model by entering into a Service Contract with an authorised service provider, and we guarantee to be with you and your product as long as you are responsible towards it. We care to make equipment and services an integral part of an orderly environment.  

These rules do not restrict the customer’s rights under mandatory law.  

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