Prolux Ltd is one of the leading companies in the sales and maintenance of professional kitchen, laundry, hotel equipment and medical refrigerating equipment.

The company was founded in 1999 by taking over the distribution of professional Electrolux equipment in Latvia from the Swedish subsidiary “Electrolux Latvia”. Prolux Ltd is developing concepts and technologies for Kitchens and laundry rooms by preparing technical drawings and equipment specifications. It has been able to achieve the best results in sales of equipment and project development by working together with the customer and understanding their business vision and real needs.

A significant part of the team of Prolux Ltd is a service team that provides equipment assembly, warranty and post-warranty services.

Thanks to employees who have been with the company since its founding date, we have a broad base of knowledge and experience that is successfully complemented by the ambitions to learn and the capacity to use modern technology by our young employees. The experience we have accumulated allows us to provide a variety of solutions, enabling the customer to focus on what is important and thus save time and resources. We understand the customer and make every effort to make our cooperation successful.


We are the customer’s cooperation partner. We help to make their intentions and dreams a reality, from the idea to the optimal result, while using our resources and customer’s resources sparingly and effectively.


The customer, who values optimal purchase price, mutual cooperation, and saving of funds in the long-term, is our priority. The existing customer of the company, who fulfills its liabilities fairly, will always be respected more. 


A professional employee of the company – responsible, friendly, willing to learn, and improve.


Technical competence, ability to perform maintenance works, and provide equipment usage recommendations.


Our company appreciates teamwork at the same time respecting everyone's individual needs.Joint cooperation to achieve a result is always a priority..


Each work is performed in high quality on the first attempt.



We make achievable promises and respond openly to any customers’ questions.


We handle all the resources we have with care and use them efficiently.


Our intention is to become a trusted and professional long-term cooperation partner. To work in line with the general values of the company, to meet the goals pursued, to ensure the growth of our new customers, to take care of our existing customers, and to maintain good business relationships. 

Using all our knowledge to help customers make their ideas and dreams a reality, from the conception of the idea to the optimal outcome, while achieving the most efficient use of resources.

To popularise and market products of recognisable brands and promote their sustainable use.

To be a team of high-level professionals with high standards of morality, correct behaviour, and good intentions. Working in a team to bring benefits to an individual, company, society, and environment.

Day-to-day work

In urgent cases we may be available outside the specified office hours if you call us. This, however, does not guarantee that we will answer immediately, because work is only part of our daily lives.

E-mail is the most efficient way of daily communication if matters require more thorough attention and do not need to be addressed as a matter of urgency..

As a team, we are all involved in every project and discuss the news on Tuesday mornings, so on Tuesdays, we answer incoming calls after 10:00.


Prolux Ltd is active in industry organisations and is a member of the Chefs Club society, the Latvian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, the Latvian Chamber of Trade and Commerce and the Business Efficiency Association. Together with Electrolux Professional the company has been supplying equipment for chefs workstations for the annual chefs contest during the “Riga Food” exhibition for more than a dozen of years.  

Prolux Ltd is also actively involved in promoting growth of young professionals and provides equipped workstations for Skills Latvia, the Skills contest for young professionals. By helping the population to discover fantastic housekeepers, chefs and their kitchens all over Latvia, Prolux Ltd together with the “Novada garša” brand has visited every Latvian municipality.


Prolux Ltd is a member of the society of Marupe entrepreneurs, through which it gets actively involved in public activities of the municipality and participates in creating a business environment. This is practical care for a cleaner environment by participating in the annual territory cleaning event and helping to arrange infrastructure matters of the municipality.

We are also actively involved in work with pupils of the business class of the Marupe State Gymnasium and supporting pupils of the Jaunmarupe Basic School in their first steps of making “Business Fairy-Tales”. Our vision is to make a positive contribution to society using our knowledge and skills.  


The goal of Prolux Ltd is to build an environment with responsible business practices, which means that we operate our company in line with defined regulatory enactments and ethical standards. The company follows generally acceptable principles of good practices, cooperates with equipment manufacturers, whose manufacturing processes are in line with quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing guidelines. 

Prolux Ltd aims to digitalize documentation reducing paper circulation to the extent possible. Used paper and packaging paperboard are sorted and recycled. Our primary cooperation partners are those who support compliance with ethical business principles, manufacturing of sustainable products, and environmentally friendly activity. We are building sustainable company growth so that the company, its employees, customers, and the company as a whole receives an equivalent benefit from business activity.


Prolux, Ltd
VAT: LV40003471371
Address: Smiltnieku street 2, Marupe, Marupe district, LV-2167