Mobile cooler bags

Main brands: B Medical systems, Dometic, Fiochetti, EVERmed, Coldtainer

Segments: Transportation bags intended for safe transportation of vaccines, blood, and other blood components (e.g. blood cells, plasma, platelets) at controlled temperatures and in a safe environment. These models correspond to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), by rail (RID), by sea (IMDG) and the international agreement on air transport (ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR) and are registered in the LATMED register.

Types of equipment: The transport cooler boxes are available with a passive and active temperature maintenance system operated by a 12V or 24V compressor. Vaccine transportation boxes are available with solar charging.

Functionality: For all passive transportation boxes, eutectic refrigeration systems are available at -32°C, + 4°C, + 22°C and + 37°C. The cooler boxes maintaining temperature are available with a capacity of 2L to 1640L.

Frequently asked questions about delivery

The products available on site in the warehouse of Prolux Ltd can be received immediately after receiving payment for the item. The delivery time for the goods, which are not in our warehouse and need to be ordered is 2–4 weeks, 8–9 weeks if they are customized.

The website of Prolux Ltd shows only a small part of the available range of goods and diversity of models, so you are welcome to contact our sales specialists, who will help you find the necessary product or model.  

Prolux Ltd ensures the delivery of equipment to the site, placement in the location, installation, and user training.


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